Adam Durso

My Story

Looking at the Adam Durso you see today, you probably wouldn’t think the Prodigal Son parable was my reality.

When I was just 8 years old, I resented my father for leaving a lucrative family business to become a pastor. I felt like home was a prison and needed to get out. By the age of 17, I stated openly that I didn’t want to serve God. Meanwhile, my mother prayed along with a team called “prayer band” and fasted consistently for 9 months while I was away from my freshman year. Though it didn’t seem like anything was changing, God was working in me and the circumstances around me and I didn’t even know it. When the fall of that year came, I left home to attend college in Rhode Island. During my freshman year, I began living a very ungodly lifestyle. I rented an apartment with friends, dealt with illegal activity, and eventually ran out of money. I stuck it out for as long as possible but was left with only one option in the end. I had to call my dad who subsequently came and got me from Rhode Island.


While I was home, I attended a prayer meeting that my dad led on Tuesday, July 9th, 1996. I asked my mother when we got home why my dad didn’t have an altar call because I told him I would’ve given my life to Jesus. My mom said that I didn’t need an altar call so there in my room, I confessed to God my sins and made Jesus my Lord and Savior. I woke up a totally different person. God didn’t wait too long to put me to work. He blessed me with spiritual gifts and two weeks later, God gave me the vision of “Youth Explosion”. In that vision, I saw a full building of young people who loved the Lord. Within 3 years, the 18 young people in our youth group grew to 700+. It was at that moment I knew God placed a very special and unique purpose over my life. From then on, I was ready to serve! Since then, God has taken over my life and has provided me with abundant opportunities to reach others with the gospel.

My Ministry

Further expanding in ministry, I cultivated a sermon series entitled Faith Breathes, which includes a short sermon, scripture, key takeaways as well as question prompts to help you go deeper. Through Faith Breathes, I have reached over 10,000 people worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ every week.  

Youth ministry was at the very beginning of my walk with Christ and it is heavily ingrained in my heart to this day. I’ve been blessed as the Founder & CEO of Catalytic Consulting NYC to foster collaboration between seasoned and emerging leaders while offering training and consulting to those interested in developing leadership skills. Seeing the current and next generation flourish in their life and leadership is, and always will be essential to my ministry.

God has blessed me with the ability to function in many capacities and serve others in multiple sectors. In a government space, as a part of the New York Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council. In a ministry space, with the ministerial team at The Christian Cultural Center under the leadership of Dr. A.R. Bernard and through a 7-year tenure as President of LEAD.NYC, where I nurtured leaders in community for the spiritual and social flourishing of greater NYC.

Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry

In 1996 God saved the prodigal son of a pastor, and for the last 25 years since Adam Durso has set his heart on seeing God’s grace transform his beloved New York City. From his early days of facilitating the largest youth revival the city has ever seen via ‘Youth Explosion’ to his current positions as a pastor, President of LEAD.NYC, Vice-President of Movement.org, and Clergy Advisory Council to NYC’s Mayor, God has continually placed a burden on Adam to see God’s people connected to one another, equipped in their callings, and launched to impact their spheres of influence. This call has taken front and center in his service to NYC’s leaders through LEAD.NYC, as the CEO of Catalytic Consulting NYC, as well as in his role in pastoring at the Christian Cultural Center. The anchor and support for all Adam does is his wife of 20+ years, Lucy, and his three amazing children.

God has blessed me so greatly, and my heart is full as I think on all the love I’ve received over the years. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank those who have been along this journey with me.

To my God loving, prayerful and gorgeous wife, thank you. Most people don’t see how you hold things down on the inside, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. I love and honor you. To my beautiful children, Daniel, Justin and Nicolette, thank you. I love you more than you could ever know. Keep God at the center of your lives and just watch how far He will take you. To all who have supported and prayed for me, thank you. I pray that God will continue to bless you and all that you do. Here’s to another 25 years!

Initiatives & Affilitaions

Through Faith Breathes, his newest project, Adam delivers personal video sermons, speaking directly to the hearts of thousands of weekly listeners, many of whom say his short sermons are their primary exposure to the gospel. Adam is also CEO of Catalytic Consulting NYC, which fosters collaboration between seasoned and emerging leaders, offering training and consulting to those interested in developing leadership skills. He serves on both the New York Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council and on the ministerial team at The Christian Cultural Center under the pastoral leadership of Dr. A.R. Bernard.