Coach, Equip & Develop The Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow

Consulting Overview

Through customized individual focus and collaborative learning experiences, Adam will help you master the skills you need to achieve your leadership goals. From the challenges of public speaking, to organizing groups, to inspiring the best efforts from the people you lead. When you work with Adam Durso, you’ll absorb the importance of lifelong learning, the significance of becoming a multi-level thinker, and the power of collaborating as part of a cohort rather than pursuing your goals alone.

What to Expect

Integrity & Transparency: You teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are

Multi-Level Thinking: We cannot afford to simply think linear, we must operate on multiple levels at the same time to achieve greater effectiveness, residual impact and the end result for the greater good.

Life-Long Learner: Every leader must commit to being a life-long learner. Leaders are readers!

Power of Collaboration: We are better together. The cohort model allows learning not only from Adam Durso but from other leaders

Individual Attention & Focus: Adam Durso wants to make YOU better! There are no cookie-cutter methods, he cultivates an appetite and hunger in you to want it!


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